How To

What’s the difference between translation, interpretation and transcription?

It's easy to get the fast translation, transcription or interpreting you need with Translive Global's online service.

We have a truly international range of 1200 linguists who, between them, provide you with 24/7 availability.

How To Send A Translation

For your fast translation, simply go to our homepage and:

If you need live interpreting, our instant interpreters are used to responding fast. Translation on the spot is possible through your PC, laptop, tablet or even your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can schedule them for a future appointment; it's entirely up to you.

How To Book An Interpreter

To book an interpreter, simply go to our homepage and:

How To Send A Transcription

For a fast transcription, simply go to our homepage and:

Wannabet Bookmakers
Translive Global is an essential extension to our business, we deal with a lot of overseas clients and knowing that we have access to translators at any time of day or night is amazing! Not once have we been let down.
Website Development Manager
FTSE 100 Client
My team and I are impressed with the quality of Translive Global’s translations and they were all delivered before the deadline date.