At Translive Global, we go one step further than instant communication. We give you instant understanding with our online fast and friendly translation service.

Imagine immediate access to your choice of linguist at a time and price to suit you. That's exactly what you get with Translive Global – affordable, convenient, professional translations.

No more waiting for days to see if the translator you need is available on the day you need them. No more wincing at your interpreter's escalating hourly rates, not to mention agency expenses.

The quality and speed of the translation, interpretation and transcription services you need are now under your control no matter where you are.

Translive Global is home to more than 1200 linguists who can translate, interpret and transcribe over 100 languages.

Use your laptop, PC, tablet or mobile. Translate from Spanish to English, Mandarin to Italian or Hebrew to Norwegian. Our constantly expanding range of professional translation linguists and live interpreters are here to help you.

We are known for our:

We have vast experience in the following sectors:

General Translations

Any document that does not contain unique terminology.

Anyone who needs fast translation, transcription or interpretation - maybe you have a letter, an audio recording from a meeting or lecture, or perhaps you're having a conversation right now which would benefit from professional, fast translation. Quick response times and often instant availability are what distinguish us from other translation services.


Legal Translations

Family, immigration, personal injury and employment law document translation.

Solicitors and law firms who need legal interpretation services and technical translation specialists so they can communicate with clients.


Pharmaceutical Translations

Documents for journals, clinical trial documentation, medical information (IFU’s, SPC’s, PIL’s, labelling) translation.

International pharmaceutical companies who are looking for professional pharmaceutical translation because they know that accuracy can mean the difference between life and death.


Export Translations

Compliance documents, commercial invoices, transportation documents, certificates for shipment and origin translation.

Exporters who require expert translation for shipping their products or livestock overseas.


Manufacturing Translations

ECO’s, planning documents, receipts, invoice translation.

Manufacturing managers who need technical translation and transcription for manuals, documents and recordings.


Technology Translations

Localisation, websites, online applications, training manuals, eLearning and online app translation.

Global companies or SME’s who require their websites or apps translated for connecting with new customers abroad.

Website Development Manager
FTSE 100 Client
My team and I are impressed with the quality of Translive Global’s translations and they were all delivered before the deadline date.
Wannabet Bookmakers
Translive Global is an essential extension to our business, we deal with a lot of overseas clients and knowing that we have access to translators at any time of day or night is amazing! Not once have we been let down.